Entries by Michelle Daniels

Controlling your home security system from your app

These days it seems there’s an app for everything and that certainly applies to home security systems.  Technology has evolved dramatically in recent years and that means intruder alarms often come with app-based management functionality. It’s proving very popular with homeowners who want to control and monitor their home security systems whilst they’re away. NSI […]

Bluetooth smart padlocks

As part of National Home Security Month, the Absolute Security Systems team are highlighting various ways to keep your home and possessions secure The padlock reinvented One exciting innovation has been Bluetooth ‘smart’ padlocks from Master  Lock®. They offer total control when protecting the most important valuables. This is because Bluetooth Padlocks can only be […]

Home network security tips

Increasingly we find more and more homeowners favouring devices which run off their home networks. This no longer just includes laptops, mobile phones and tablets – CCTV and intruder alarms as well as smart TVs and some household appliances have the capability to integrate within a home network. Security tips for your home network The […]

Absolute Security Launches Dedicated Fire Division

Surrey-based security systems specialists, Absolute Security, has announced the launch of a dedicated Fire Division at its Godalming offices. The creation is in response to a growing demand for fire prevention and detection systems, as well as the expanding team of specialist fire professionals Absolute Security has developed. The Division is headed up by Paul […]

Innovations in fire detection systems for heritage properties

The Absolute Security team have been really impressed by the innovations in fire alarm monitoring and reporting when it comes to protecting listed and heritage properties.  We have been working closely with the team at Nimbus Fire Alarm Management Systems in an installation for a national heritage property preservation organisation. The Nimbus technology delivers highly […]

Burglars opting for smash and grab tactics for speedy getaway

Over the past year there have been numerous reports in the press of burglars targeting businesses with smash and grab tactics to steal stock and cash.  Increasingly we’ve heard of homes succumbing to this brutal form of burglary too.  In an effort to make a speedy getaway, burglars are smashing through patio doors or windows […]

The rising popularity of gas suppression fire prevention systems

We’ve seen a growing interest recently in gas suppression fire prevention systems. These systems are far better at limiting the damage to equipment and possessions when a fire breaks out.  This is because traditional fire prevention systems typically use water or foam to suppress the flames, and this can indeed damage items such as electrical […]