For those multi-site organisations and companies, whose fire system managers need to remotely access the system logs and data, we’ve been very impressed by the LAN Nimbus.

It is essentially a Cloud hosted database which integrates with most fire detection systems and enables the System Manager to remotely access a variety of data through an online portal. With the portal being online, the Manager can access the information via both desktop and mobile devices.

This information stored includes:

• A detailed audit trail of incidents and their precise location

• A detailed service schedule of the fire detection systems in the various sites – to help the Manager ensure the organisation is compliant and its fire system service engineers are fulfilling their contract’s obligations

• Detailed reporting on staff fire alarm testing to ensure procedures are being adhered to

With the system utilising Cloud technology there’s an added benefit that the audit logs for the fire detection system(s) are not stored on site. This means the risk of losing them in a fire on site is greatly reduced. The audit log is also helping organisations demonstrate to their insurers that they are complying with the maintenance, testing and statutory obligations for their fire detection system.

If you would like to learn more about adding LAN’s Nimbus to your fire detection system, please contact the Sales Team at Absolute Security on tel. 01483 791500 or email