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Access Management System Brings Efficiency Gains For Large Company

The Situation

Our clients was a large blue chip company with a high security R&D department. It had over 2,500 employees. The previous access control system had aged and it was difficult to obtain spares for it. In addition, the firm had a separate cashless vending system, ID card production system and different intruder alarm systems (for both inside and outside the premises). The aim was to integrate all of these into one centrally managed system.

The Solution

We installed a feature rich access control system, one which was server-driven. The server was protected by back up functionality and a standby UPS (uninterrupted power supply) should power fail. The system gave our client an integrated system which managed individual employee access permissions to different parts of the company site. It also featured the cashless vending, secure printing, ID card production and key tracker system features they needed. The solution also integrated the existing intruder alarm systems and gave our client GUI (graphical user interface) technology. This pinpointed precisely to the security team which alarm had been activated.

The Results

Our client was delighted with the reliability and efficiency of their new system. They found they could better control access across their premises and this enhanced their Health & Safety performance. By integrating different functionality within the firm’s ID cards, employees were able to benefit from a more efficient resource. Our client also gained more sophisticated reporting to improve different aspects of their business.

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