Fogging System

Smoke Fogging Systems For Large Businesses

Fogging systems are designed to stop an intruder in his/her tracks by enveloping the immediate area in a dense cloud of harmless fog. Intruders can’t steal what they can’t see.

Fogging systems explained

This is a non-toxic substance and harmless to food, computers and all other equipment. For the unwary intruder it limits visibility and restricts their escape. It is a good deterrant against smash and grab thefts and is popular amongst large retail groups and other sizeable businesses who need to protect valuable stock or cash. The fogging system can be triggered by your existing intruder alarm or by a system designed specifically for this purpose.

Fogging systems and Absolute Security

We deal with the major manufacturers of fogging systems such as Bandit and Smoke Cloak®. We are also able to integrate the fogging device with other security systems you have in place. Like our other security solutions we have worked hard to gain the highest industry standard for fogging systems installation.

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