Staff Protection

Staff Protection In A Corporate Environment

Some businesses need to offer staff additional protection in the workplace and a back up of help, if conflict should occur. These tend to be businesses whose work invariably brings staff into contact with potentially harmful individuals.

Staff protection explained

There are a number of measures a business can put in place to safeguard employees safety in the course of their work and give them added protection – for example:

  • panic buttons for reception staff, or say in a retail or banking environment,
  • pagers and/or tracking systems for employees who work with statemented patients or individuals known for anti-social behaviour or criminal activity.

Each gives the member of staff an opportunity to call for help or for their safety to be monitored in a given situation. It also reassures them that you take their welfare and security seriously.

Staff protection and Absolute Security

In finding the right solution for your people and their protection, we will spend time assessing the nature of their work and the risks it poses. Like our other security solutions we have worked hard to gain the highest industry standard for staff protection systems, in that we are NSI NACOSS Gold approved advisers.

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