Staff Security in Large Companies

Staff Security in Large Companies

For many businesses, their people are their greatest asset and that is why it’s important to keep them safe and secure across your business premises.

From experience, we’ve observed that business break-ins often result in staff attrition, as employees who no longer feel safe at work vote with their feet. Break-ins are not always major ones or those undertaken at night or at the weekend.

Increasingly, many businesses have seen a rise in walk-in theft where employees handbags, wallets and/or laptops have been stolen in ‘office’ hours. Any instance of intrusion and theft can cause a major dent in morale and operational performance. And in the case of a fire, the biggest concern of most businesses is to evacuate employees as quickly as possible.

Advising and supporting

We understand the responsibilty you have for your employees. That’s why we’ll work closely with you to assess the weak points in your business and advise you on the best level of protection for your staff and operations. Take a look in the box below at some of the various means we have to protect your staff. Remember we are not wedded to any specific manufacturer and so make it our priority to find the right solution for your business needs.

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