Visitor attraction links 3 technologies in integrated security system

The situation
A large visitor attraction, which included residential areas for staff on its site, needed to review its intruder alarm system. It wanted an intelligent system which could:

a) pinpoint the exact part of the site which had detected an intruder
b) offer audio verification, ie the ability to listen to noise in the area suspected of a break-in
c) guide on-site staff on whether to call for back-up/assistance when investigating the incident

The solution
We linked intruder detection sensors, with audio verification and remote monitoring technology. This enabled the visitor attraction to better protect their on-site staff responding to an alarm activation. They would be alerted by pagers as to the exact location of the break-in, then listen in to determine if they needed back-up help. We also equipped the concierges at the attraction with alert buttons and transmitters, so they could call for assistance if a security issue arose.

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