COVID-19 Update

We wanted to update our clients and staff on the current company position with regards to COVID-19. This is clearly subject to change and we are following the advice given by Public Health England and the Government.

We are asking all site staff to ask a number of questions prior to commencement of the work they are due to carry out.

We are trying as much as is possible to have a business as normal approach to minimise the effects on our clients, staff and business. We will be reviewing this regularly.


Our site staff will be asking the following questions: –

  • Has anyone in the premises travelled to or returned from affected parts of the world in the last 28 days?
  • Is anyone in the premises involved either in testing for or treating COVID-19 diagnosed patients?
  • Any confirmed cases of COVID 19 associated with the site?
  • Has anyone associated with the site been isolated (self or under 111 guidance) if so when and for how long?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, they will ask: –

  • What has been done to minimise risk of infection being passed on?
  • When was the individual isolated?

If there any persons with symptoms (confirmed or not) currently on site, then consideration will be given to not proceed with the site visit. The final decision to be by the client and site staff from Absolute Security Systems, once the risks have been considered.

Following our visit if anyone associated with the site, who may have come into contact with our site staff then please inform us as soon as possible.


Our reassurance to clients

We have undertaken these measures:

  • Ongoing situation is being monitored live
  • All staff have been issued with hygiene and PHE guidelines
  • We have adopted a no handshake policy
  • We have issued staff with a hand sanitizer

There are no confirmed cases associated with any of the Absolute Security staff.

We will release regular updates as and when issued by Public Health England and or the Government. In the meantime, if clients have any concerns, then please contact us.

Please note, we have risk assessed the travel movements of staff and closely associated from any overseas trips and currently have no additional risks have been identified.  These guidelines are likely to change, and we reserve the right to change the above approach as required.


Service continuity

Whilst we intend to continue “service as normal” this may need to change if the number of staff available decreases dramatically at which point we may need to prioritise fault calls over routine work.

Depending on the severity of the outbreak the company should suffer directly, we have a number of contingency options. However, this is a very dynamic situation and may change regularly.

For our clients who have maintenance contracts in place we may need to revert to the out of hours telephone number during normal working hours


Normal hours contact number 01483 791500

Out of hours contact number 01483 791515


We know that this is a very challenging time for many families and companies. Our hearts go out to all those who are suffering and to those who have been affected by CONVID-19.

Wishing you the safest of health in these troubling times.

The Absolute Security Team.