CCTV Gave Children Freedom To Play Outside Safely

The situation
A family with three children came to us with an interesting CCTV request. They owned a house with a large garden which the children loved to play in. The parents wanted to enable their sons and daughter to have freedom to play in the garden but at the same wanted to be sure they were safe.

The solution
We installed discreet CCTV cameras within the garden which the parents could watch from inside the house, whilst the children played outside.

The outcome
The children were delighted they could play outside without the need for parental supervision. The parents were also reassured that they could keep an eye on the children in case of accidents or intruders. Another unexpected outcome was that the family found the CCTV was also great at capturing images of the wildlife in their garden. In particular they soon became fond of a family of foxes which visited regularly.

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