Home CCTV Systems

Over recent years we’ve seen a big increase in interest from homeowners keen to install a home CCTV system.

As well as a visual deterrent to burglars, a CCTV system can greatly improve the health and safety of your home and family. For example some families have used CCTV to:

  • give their children more freedom when playing in the garden but, at the same time monitoring their safety
  • checking that elderly relatives are safe and well in their homes
  • monitor service providers in the home (eg, cleaners, care workers and childminders), to ensure they are acting professionally and ethically.

Home CCTV systems explained

Image quality – Whether you require a single camera or a more complex CCTV security system, you can expect high-quality colour images – you won’t have to put up with the grainy and fuzzy picture quality of old.

Alerts – CCTV systems can issue an alert if they have detected an unusual event.  This could be movement in or around the property.  Some sophisticated systems are being used in the care of elderly relatives and can issue an alert if no normal movement has been detected in a given timeframe, for example if the relative has had a fall.

Storage and use of images – Images collected through your CCTV cameras are easily managed in an advanced storage, retrieval and monitoring system. These images can provide visible evidence of wrongdoing that can easily be stored and passed to officials, such as the Police.

Camera sizes – these have got smaller as the technology has become more sophisticated. This means they are more discreet than older models, yet highly effective at capturing high quality images.

Light levels – There are also CCTV camera options on the market that work in daylight and at night, making a properly designed and installed CCTV system a very useful deterrent to the would-be criminal.

Remote access – Some CCTV systems also enable you dial in securely over the web (say if you are on holiday) to view the current images of your home. These images can also be monitored on your behalf by a remote monitoring centre.

Home CCTV systems – what to expect from Absolute Security

As part of our service we:

  • will undertake an initial assessment of your home which factors in things like weak spots that an intruder might take advantage of, the proximity of your neighbours (and privacy issues), operational requirements such as light levels and the aesthetic design preferences you have
  • can offer you a wide range of CCTV systems to choose from (we supply brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Videcon, Dedicated Micros and are not tied to one manufacturer)
  • specialise in a variety of home CCTV systems – from the highly technical to very basic and this means we will find the right solution for you and your home
  • will install and maintain your CCTV system to the highest industry standards. We are NSI NACOSS Gold approved installers. Our systems also all conform to the NCP 104 standard
  • advise you on data protection regulations compliance for external home CCTV systems
  • offer permanent full parts and labour warranty on all new equipment supplied and installed by us

Additional options for your Absolute Security home CCTV System

We can:

  • Integrate your CCTV system with other security measures you have in place, such as intruder alarms, automatic gates and fire systems – so there’s just one central security system for you to manage
  • arrange for your CCTV system to be remotely monitored on your behalf
  • offer payment by a fixed period of instalments to help you spread the cost of your purchase
  • give you a choice ongoing maintenance/servicing packages to suit different budgets

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