Protecting your Family From Harm

When it comes to home security systems, the protection and safety of family members is usually high on most people’s agendas.

Over the years, customers have told us they like how we quickly grasp what protection and home security measures they desire for their families. We conduct a thorough survey of the unique features of homes and take care to truly understand the situations people want to protect against. This enables us to select the right home security system for all their requirements and wishes.

Home security systems for protection, peace of mind and well-being
Protection isn’t always focused on preventing intruders and promptly detecting, although these often feature quite high on many lists.

Many customers also turn to us for security measures that improve safety and wellbeing in their homes. For example:

  • Automatic gates that prevent children and pets running out on to a busy road.
  • CCTV which enable parents to give children more freedom to play in back gardens whilst still being protected
  • Pet-friendly intruder alarm systems.
  • CCTV systems which alert them if an elderly relative has had a fall in the home, or is possibly unconscious.
  • Safes to keep all their valuables and key documents in one secure place.
  • Panic buttons, security lighting and locks to enable them to sleep better at night.

Flexibility and reassurance

With Absolute Security you can also get:

  •  An option to pay for your security system over a fixed period of instalments – and you own the system at the end of it
  • Options for wireless or cabled security systems
  • Integration of different systems such as CCTV, intruder alarm and automatic gates – for ease of control and ongoing management
  • App-based technology – so you can check on your home or family when you’re away and receive alerts
  • Surveyors and engineers working to the highest industry standards
  • Affordable maintenance and support packages
  • Remote monitoring options including alerts to the fire brigade and police if required
  • Independence – we are not tied to specific manufacturers and can find the best security solution for your family’s needs.

Check out the variety of our home security measures

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