Listed property security

The Security of Listed and Heritage Properties

Over the last few years we have been helping many owners of listed and heritage properties protect their premises from fire, theft and damage. This has included helping national heritage organisations such as The National Trust. In working with them, we’ve had to balance the security and absolute protection of the site and staff with a sensitivity to the listed or heritage building’s features, history and aesthetics.


Popular targets

Heritage and listed properties are sadly popular targets for crime and in a research study English Heritage found that an estimated 18.7% of all listed buildings in 2011 had been physically affected by crime. That represents over 70,000 listed buildings. Lead and metal thefts were the most common, but vandalism and theft of personal possessions is also on the rise.


Alliance to Reduce Crime Against Heritage (ARCH)

We are a member of  Alliance to Reduce Crime Against Heritage, a voluntary national network and wholly support their great work to tackle heritage crime and galvanise local action.


Heritage and Listed Property Security

There is good news in that security solutions are becoming more sophisticated in detecting and preventing crime and yet less intrusive in their installation to the fabric of the listed property. Access control, intruder alarms, security lighting, staff/volunteer paging systems, CCTV and fire detection systems can be installed with sympathetic care and attention toa historic property’s features. We focus particularly in ensuring the security measures comply with the relevant listed building consent, building standards, fire regulations and certification procedures.


Security Tips for Listed and Heritage Buildings

Our work in this area has led us to produce a simple guide of security considerations for owners of listed and heritage properties

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Helping preserve heritage and listed properties

One of the security issues we like to solve for owners of heritage and listed properties is how to harness the benefits of modern security technology, without affecting the historic features of their property.

A recent example touched on just this requirement at a sizeable National Trust property in Kent.

We were asked to upgrade the existing fire detection system across the site, to give more precise information about the exact location of a fire in an alert. The importance of such precise pinpointing of a fire’s location in a heritage/listed property has been emphasised all the more by the recent fire at Clandon Park.

For those with a technical knowledge of fire detection systems, this project meant moving from a conventional fire detection system to an addressable one. But with this requirement there was a need for minimum wiring and disruption to the fabric of the building during the system’s installation.

The new system we designed and installed did indeed enable the Trust to gain a more intelligent fire detection system at this site. It was designed to quickly give vital and highly precise diagnostics to support a prompt evacuation of the affected area and alert the emergency services to the exact location of the fire.

At the same time we were also able to minimise any additional cabling and disruption to the heritage building and its features by creating an addressable loop in the site’s fire detection system.

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