What to expect from Security technology in 2018

Security technology has a constant habit of evolving. In this article we’re given a glimpse of the very latest developments and popular trends that will continue into 2018.

As intruders get smarter in their approaches, and the threat of violent crime continues to concern people, so does the security technology to combat it.


  1. More sophisticated perimeter protection – for both homes, businesses and other organisations alike the security of their premises perimeter has become paramount in recent months. Be it to deter burglars, other intruders or the threat of violent crime such as acid attacks, we’ve seen a big rise in interest in CCTV, automatic gates and systems integration with intruder alarms. The technology for these are becoming more precise.  On the CCTV front high-definition developments are serving up even sharper images. With access control systems, many give property owners greater ease of management by enabling them to operate their system remotely via and app, or log-in to view who is on the premises.


  1. Smarter recognition – CCTV systems are also becoming smarter. Avigilon have developed systems which, using vehicle recognition and facial recognition technology, can pinpoint a specific vehicle or person in a given territory or across a site.  This brings greater speed of identification and location of a missing vehicle, person or an intruder, in a given space.


  1. Completely wireless intruder alarm systems – gone are the days when intruder alarm systems needed wiring. The latest models are completely wireless and more versatile for installation on a premises. This is great news for properties with historic features or aesthetics which need to be maintained.  The physical impact on a property from an intruder alarm installation is greatly reduced.


  1. Integrated systems for a more holistic protection – various security systems such as CCTV, intruder, gates and access control now integrate more easily and seamlessly with each other to give more holistic security protection to a site. This makes them easier for the home, business or site owner to manage and monitor.


  1. Flush smoke detectors – a new development we’re expecting to see in 2018 are smoke detectors which are flush to the ceiling and do not protrude. This will offer added protection to properties with important aesthetic features which have to be maintained.


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