Protecting your property and possessions in the longer nights

Now the days are getting shorter, the longer nights give burglars a chance to do their work hidden by the cover of darkness.   So to help you protect your property and valuable possessions this Autumn and Winter we have a dozen tips to help you keep things safe and secure.

1. Ensure access to the rear of your property difficult.

Lock side gates with a secure lock (Bluetooth ones are now available), not just a simple bolt. Burglars love a dark, secluded rear access to a property along with an easy escape route. Try and avoid playing to their wishes and make your property difficult to access.

2. If you have gaps in your fence or perimeter, consider filling them

…with everygreen, spiky plants to again make entry and exit difficult,

3. Routinely check your alarm is working properly

…and most importantly don’t forget to turn it on when you leave the house. At night when you go to bed, try and remember to use the ‘part set’ mode. Most alarm systems have one.

4. Consider adding CCTV to your home’s security

– many systems come with night sensors as standard and the cameras act as a powerful visual deterrent to a potential intruder.

5. Check your security lighting…

…is working on a regular basis. It’s often sensible to give the lights a clean or service from time to time as insects and spiders sometimes build their nests in them and cause glitches in their functionality.

6. Make sure all window locks are correctly locked…

…and don’t forget kitchen or bathroom windows as many people do.

7. Where you can try to make the property look as if it’s occupied…

…when you are not there by leaving a light on or a car in the drive. If you are going to be away for a while, invest in timer switches and call on the help of a neighbour or relative to check on the house, draw curtains at night and move any obvious build up of post or packages left at the door.

8. Consider having an electronic gate…

…to control access to your property.

9. Keep expensive valuables out of view from your windows…

…so they don’t attract the interest and tempt an intruder. If you are going to be away for some time, consider locking your valuables in a cupboard or safe preferably within a room protected by an intruder alarm detector.

10. Avoid broadcasting you’ll be away on holiday on social media.

Some intruders look out for messages such as these to alert them to empty properties.

11. Beware of callers at your door asking unusual questions.

Take a note of their description and notify the Police or your Neighbourhood Watch. They could be a burglar on a reconnaissance.

12. Invest in a security system

… (intruder alarm, electronic gate, CCTV etc) that comes with an app so you can ‘check-in’ and view your property’s status whilst you’re away.


Put your mind at rest by following these simple precautions and ensure you divert an intruder’s attention elsewhere this winter.

For more advice or help protecting your property or possessions, call The Absolute Security team on 01483 791 500 or email