CCTV For Public Sector Organisations

CCTV offers a range of security options for public sector organisations. On the outside of the premises it can act both as a deterrant and monitor potential intruder activity and vandalism. Within the building, it can track walk-in burglaries, major break-ins, intruders/ unauthorised personnel, assault, vandalism, arson and even staff theft.

CCTV explained

Whether you require a single camera or a more complex CCTV security system, high-quality colour images are a reality, and can be easily managed through advanced storage, retrieval and monitoring systems. CCTV technology has the abiity to work both in daylight and at night, making a properly designed and installed CCTV system a very useful deterrent to the would-be criminal. Images can also provide visible evidence of wrongdoing that can easily be stored and passed to officials such as the Police. There’s even the option with some versions for you to dial in securely over the web (say if you are off-site) to view the live or record images of the premises. These images can also be monitored on your behalf by a remote monitoring centre.

CCTV solutions from Absolute Security
As part of our CCTV service, we will undertake an initial assessment of your organisation which factors in things like weak spots that an intruder might take advantage of, the proximity of neighbours and residents (and privacy issues), operational requirements such as light levels and the aesthetic design preferences you have.

We install a whole range of CCTV systems and supply brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Videcon, Sanyo, Dedicated Micros and many more. We have signifcant experitse of all types of systems from the highly technical to very basic. This means we will find the right solution for your business. We can also integrate CCTV with other security measures you have in place, such as intruder alarms, fogging systems and access control/passes. As use of CCTV in a business and public sector environment carries with it a requirement to comply with data protection legislation, we also will give you advice on the implications of this.

And we have attained the highest industry standard for CCTV in that we are NSI NACOSS Gold approved installers. Our systems also all conform to the NCP 104 standard.

CCTV and The Data Protection Act

Businesses and organisations that process and collect CCTV images on their premises are required to register and comply with the Data Protection Act and its Code of Practice. We can help you comply with this legislation.

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