corporate window film solution

Window Film Solutions For The Public Sector

Initially designed to protect people from flying glass after bomb blasts and other types of explosions, window film has gained increasing popularity as a protective measure against smash and grab thefts and collisions. It also offers solar benefits to those organisations whose premises have many windows, in that in high summer the film reflects sunlight and helps to keep the property cool.

Window film explained

The film holds the glass in place when a window is broken and prevents shards being hurled in all directions. It is a low tech security solution that doesn’t integrate with other systems. It is difficult to detect and so rarely acts as a deterrant. Window film’s strengths are in its ability to prevent harm and restrict access through broken glass. It is very popular with those hospitals, schools, colleges, government departments etc whose premises have a high percentage of glass in their design.

Window film and Absolute Security

We will conduct an assessment of your business premises and windows to be protected, to guide you on the best film solution for your security requirements. As there are so many different applications that this solution can be used for, we will ensure the film we provide will meet the latest British/European standards for your requirements.

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