Automatic Gates And Barriers For Small Businesses

Automatic Gates And Barriers For Small Businesses

Automatic gates and barriers for small businesses tend to have either an external focus or an internal one. In an external environment they invariably are trying to limit vehicle or pedestrian access to a business property. In an internal environment, gates or turnstiles are intended to establish an even tighter level of access control to a business (often linked with staff passes or key pad pin technology).

Automatic gates and barriers explained

For outside use, the small business owner can choose from a variety of options – rising barriers or bollards, simple bar gates or more sophisticated versions with skirts. The key to selecting the right system for your business is to understand the degree of access restriction you need to enforce. For example are you just looking to control the access of vehicles or pedestrians too? External gates and barriers are often linked by way of an intercom system to your business reception – or whoever it is who activates them.

For internal use, turnstiles are particularly popular for those business who need to exert tight control over the access to their premises. Often found in a larger corporate environment – especially in high rise office buildings housing multiple businesses – these ensure only authorised personnel gain access to certain areas.

Automatic gates and barriers and Absolute Security

We supply and install a whole range of automatic gate and barrier brands, including Came, BPT, FAAC and BFT – to name but a few. As part of our service, we will always undertake a survey of your site to find the right solution and will discuss with you your preferences for access activation – be it remote control, intercoms or touchpad.

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