Fire Detection in the Workplace

It’s a sad fact but a large percentage of businesses who encounter a fire often never fully recover. The disruption to their operations is so great that in some cases the damage (not only to their property and contents) is irreparable. And when you factor in the potential loss of life a fire can bring, you can see why business owners see fire detection as a vital business investment.

Helping small businesses protect their staff, properties, equipment and stock

In helping many small business owners find the right detection system for their operations, we spend time assessing the unique facets of the business property. We know that in the case of a fire, you will want to ensure staff evacuate the building as quickly and as safely as possible. That’s why we’ll check any fire system is not then challenged by any security measures in place (such as locks on doors). We’ll also give advice and tips on procedures and checks to integrate into your business routines and systems.

Aligned to the latest best practices

We are highly experienced in creating fire detection solutions for all types and ages of property – from modern and contemporary premises through to listed and heritage properties.In terms of our work in this area, we have adopted the NSI Gold Member standards and are also members of BAFE and the Fire Industry Association. For more information about our fire detection solutions, click in the box below.

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