LED Security Lighting Reduces A Stables’ Sizeable Electricity Bill

The Situation
We were called in by a commercial stable to improve their security lighting ahead of the long winter nights setting in. The stables were keen to adopt LED technology to benefit from longer bulb life and lower electricity usage. During the winter months the lights would be essential to their business operations and yet they didn’t want the cost of electricity to eat into their profits.

The Solution
We devised a system which comprised 21 LED security lights to give full illumination to the stables’ key areas. Whilst the initial cost of the LED lights was slightly more than traditional lighting, over a year the stables was expected to make at the very least £670 in electricity savings from them. This was based on the lights being on for just 3 hours a day. In reality they were likely to be on for a longer period during the winter months and the savings would therefore be greater. The LED light bulbs also carried a longer lifetime guarantee (15 years) and the fittings were also more durable (5-7 year life span). The stables could therefore be confident they would not have to incur bulb and fitting replacement costs during that time.

The Results
Given the electricity savings the LED lights were able to make, the stables were looking to have paid for the system in just 21months. They were delighted that their business could function safely and effectively in the winter months and that the electricity cost was kept to a minimum. The quality and reliability of the system also meant they would not experience down time whilst waiting for lamp changes. The LED units had multiple illuminators and so if one failed the level of illumination affected was minimal and protection of the site maintained.

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