Locks and Safes

Locks and safes for businesses

We have helped businesses of all sizes protect the stock, keys, documents, data and back-up resources so vital to their operation.

Locks and safes for businesses come in many shapes and forms and we offer a wide range depending on your security needs. These include:

  • Key control systems – a range of cabinets to control, track and trace the keys crucial to your business
  • Cash safes and cabinets – to protect all your cash, key documents, data, disks etc.
  • Medical storage cabinets – to protect medical supplies
  • Fire safes and cabinets – for proven reliability and protection under fire

What to expect from Absolute Security
Our locks and safes come independently certified and approved having undergone a rigorous series of technical and practical tests.

Each of our safes is tested and classified by the level of security and fire protection it provides and designated by a cash rating from £1,000 up to £100,000.

For the storage of valuables, ratings can be calculated by multiplying the cash amount by 10. These ratings are a guide and it’s important that you liaise with your insurance company prior to any installation.

We will also arrange for your safe to be fixed securely in its surroundings – so an intruder can’t pick it up and walk off with it!

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