Summer holiday protection tips for your home

It’s great that the summer is in full swing (well the sun was shining when we wrote this). Many people have already jetted off whilst others are looking forward to a holiday away and some much needed rest and relaxation.

To ensure your property remains safe whilst you are away, it’s important to undertake some simple security measures before you go. Properties which are obviously vacant for a number of days can catch the eye of burglars.

So here is a reminder of our summer holiday tips to help you keep things at home safe and secure:

1. Hide or lock away any visible valuables – go outside your premises, see what’s on view through the windows and then remove anything that may tempt an intruder. Consider investing in a safe to keep your valuables (including those of a sentimental value) protected.

2. Avoid a build-up of post if you’re going to be away for some time. Ask a friend or neighbour to pop in and clear this. If you are due to have anything delivered whilst your away arrange for someone to collect it or even cancel it before you go.

3. If possible, leave a car in the drive and invest in timer switches for lights, which give the impression you are in when you’re out.

4. Lock all side gates and switch your alarm on. Burglars love properties with easy exit routes. For added protection, why not get automatic gates or consider the tips we gave last month about defensive plants?

5. Consider CCTV – not only is it a great deterrent, new advances in technology mean you can view your home remotely over a secure web connection (even on your mobile phone) and check things are as they should be.

For more security tips or advice on how to protect your property whilst you’re away, contact our team on tel. 01483 791500.