Pet friendly alarm systems

In response to a recent enquiry we received, we thought it was worth debunking the myth that intruder alarm systems and pets don’t mix!

In actual fact there are many systems on the market which can factor in the family pet being on the premises and yet offer significant security protection for the property.

When designing a pet friendly alarm system solution, we discuss with the owner where the family pet is free to roam in the premises and establish the security system’s sensors to accommodate this.

At the same time we balance the needs of the pet with the importance of protecting the property and the family’s possessions.

Often owners are worried their pet will inadvertently set off the alarm when they are out, but different types of sensors can be used around the property to create a robust ring of protection without overly restricting the pet’s movements and freedoms.

If you would like to learn more about pet friendly alarm systems, please contact our sales team on tel. 01483 791500.