home outbuildings security

Protecting your home’s outbuildings

We’re often asked by homeowners how best to protect the outbuildings on their land, for example, barns, stables, garden sheds, workshops, home offices and their contents.


The wonders of wireless

With wireless technology, intruder alarms, CCTV and access control systems can be extended to cover your outbuildings as well as your main property.  In most cases you will need to have an electrical supply to the outbuilding that requires additional security, however, emerging solar technology is becoming more widely used as a substitute for remote buildings where getting a permanent hard-wired electrical supply is not practical.

With many remote detection systems, a detected event will trigger an alert to an app on your smart phone so you can initiate a prompt response, or view the incident real time via your CCTV.


Further security measures

There is also the option of smart Bluetooth padlocks to give added protection on outbuilding doors. Do also invest in good security lighting around your property. Many burglaries take place in the dark and security lighting helps to deter intruders.

And for home offices it is good to consider having a safe for important documents, disks and other vital things you need to work effectively.



Theft from outbuildings hasn’t lessened in recent years and it’s important to give those buildings as much protection as your main property.  The good news is that your main security systems – intruder alarm, CCTV can be extended to cover those buildings. Contact one of our team for a free survey or for more information – tel 01483 791500 or email sales@absolutesecurity.co.uk