Smart video doorbells

Added home security with smart video doorbells

We have seen a lot of customer interest recently in Video Doorbells. These let you respond remotely to visitors at your front door, using your smartphone, tablet and PC and feature an in-built HD camera. 

Video doorbells give you a clear view from your front door or gate, day and night and are ideal for those who want greater protection and screening from nuisance calls or for those in a property alone by themselves. They bring a reassuring layer of additional security as well as convenience.

Flexible to work on any home and property, typical features of video doorbell systems include:

  • 2-way talk functionality – so you can speak to the person through the system via the built-in speakers and microphone, and without opening the door.
  • Crystal-clear 1080HD video so you have a sharp picture of the person at your door.
  • Instant mobile alerts and two-way talk, you can answer the door from your smartphone, tablet and PC.
  • The system’s capability to record images – so you have a record of a visitor.
  • Wireless technology which means you do not need wiring for the installation –you can have the device/bell on any gate or external door within your home’s WIFI range.
  • Motion detection and alerts – these send out an alert if people are loitering close to your property
  • The system runs off rechargeable batteries.
  • A quick and easy installation.

To learn more and find out our current prices for supplying and installing a video door bell in your home  contact the Sales Team on tel 01483 791500.

Military technology now available for discreet perimeter protection

We were impressed by a recent demo we watched from the Sentinor team recently.

One of their areas of speciality is outdoor perimeter security and protecting properties, assets, land and livestock from theft and poaching. They have been called in to aid the likes of nature reserves, equestrian centres, farmland as well as high value property.

With a background in protecting the armed forces in covert operations, many of the Sentinor products are highly discreet but are gaining the interest of businesses and property owners keen to protect their property and livestock.

One in particular caught our eye – their Cobweb product range is a quick to deploy, unobtrusive perimeter protection system for short-term requirements such as festivals, events or to protect life stock when put out to pasture.

It comprises a transmitter which is armed with a discreet Break-Wire ‘Spool’. This is extended around the perimeter of the site and any break in the wire immediately activates an alert. The sensors in the system are resilient and undetectable by any known electronic means.

The transmitter can provide GPS location of the break and tracking. It also has a tamper alarm, radio signal strength indicator and power information.

As Cobweb products were originally designed for military use, they are able to be used in a variety of environments including forests, woods, urban areas, areas covered by snow and even deserts.

If you would like to find out more about Sentinor perimeter protection for your property or land, please contact Andy on 01483 791500.