Have you got the right cash rating safe for your valuables?

euro-grade safes montage

When it comes to selecting the right safe, many customers find the fact that safes are graded by a cash content value or ‘cash rating’ slightly confusing.  In some cases home insurance policies stipulate the exact grade of safe required, in other cases it’s up for the homeowner to decide.

So in answer to the many questions we receive, here’s a basic explanation of what a safe’s cash rating means.

The cash rating in a safe’s grade represents what they’re expected to protect and who is likely to attack it. It’s an indicator of the security strength of the safe and the highest amount of money that should be kept in it.  Cash ratings can vary according to risk and the location of your home.  It’s always worth checking out with your home insurance provider, what grade of safe would best protect the valuables covered by your policy.

Whatever the cash rating of the Safe, ten times that sum is usually acceptable to insurance companies for jewellery or other valuables.

You can purchase safes with a ‘cash rating’ grade of anything from £1500 to beyond, but it is important to select the right grade to reflect the cash and valuables being stored in it. Very commonly a £4000 cash rated safes, when installed, covers up to £40,000’s worth of jewellery and valuables.

To ensure your safe complies with your insurance policy’s stipulations it has to be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

At Absolute Security, we have a long history of advising our clients on the best safes to meet their security and insurance policy needs.  Contact us on tel 01483 791500  for more information.


Now where did I leave my passport?

It’s great to see the spring blossoming into early summer and feel some much needed warmth from the sunshine we’ve been having of late.

For many people thoughts will turn to holidays and, as they prepare to jet off, the annual hunt for the passport (and other important travel documents) will get underway.

Over the years, we have helped many customers avoid this annual hassle and ordeal by installing a safe at their property. Not only is it an ideal place to store your valuables whilst you are away, but when you are at home it’s perfect for keeping all your important documentation in one safe and secure location.

For more information about our range of safes, please contact the Sales Team on 01483 791500.