The Smartcom. Everything you never knew you needed to know about Smartcoms

There’s been a silent revolution taking place in the world of intruder alarms over the past few years. Smartcoms are here. They’re making managing your security alarm easier, more flexible and more reliable. But what is a Smartcom and how could you and your property benefit from one?

What is a Smartcom?

The Texecom Connect Smartcom is a widget that connects your alarm system to the cloud. It is connected to your alarm control panel with a discreet cable and connects to the cloud using either wireless connection or 4G. It is this connectivity that provides the benefits Smartcoms have become renowned for.

What the benefits of having a Smartcom?

Fitting a Smartcom to your alarm system makes it more accessible and adaptable. This in turn provides a range of advantages:

Easier installation, servicing and repairs

Because you simply plug the Smartcom to your intruder alarm system, it’s incredibly easy to get started. You can fit it to new systems or add it to an existing alarm system. In either case, your intruder alarm will be fully connected in a matter of minutes.

An alarm system fitted with a Smartcom can be remotely serviced, and in many cases, faults can be remotely rectified. Not only does this slash the energy and resources needed to get an engineer to your property, but it is also more convenient for you. There’s no need to book in a visit from an engineer and no need to ensure someone is available to let them in.

What’s more, a remote servicing or fault repairs are faster and more cost-effective, saving you money in the long term while giving you the kind of rapid response you need to keep your property protected. This is especially relevant if you have a monitored alarm system. Regulations for these require a twice-yearly servicing. With a Smartcom in place, you can cut this to one on-site and one remote visit per year, making matters easier and cheaper.

Your Smartcom will be in constant communication with our engineering department. This means we are able to pick up on health issues with your alarm system before you might even be aware of them. With this information, our engineering team can quickly rectify any faults, giving you ongoing coverage.

Increased functionality

The Texecom Connect Smartcom does more than connect your alarm system to our engineering department; it also provides you with increased functionality. The Smartcom widget allows your alarm system to be used with an app, giving you full control over your intruder alarm wherever you are. This means you can:

  • Set, disable and reset your intruder alarm from your device.
  • Receive notifications from your alarm system
  • Add and delete users for extra convenience

Your Smartcom will even be able to tell you which device has been activated, helping you identify the best course of action to take on a case-by-case basis.

Improved reliability

The Smartcom’s reliability is yet another benefit of this clever technology. Because it uses so little kit, there are fewer points of failure improving its dependability. Not only that, but the Smartcom has both single and dual path monitoring capabilities. This means it will continue to work no matter what – even in the event of a power cut. Single path monitoring uses a phone line or IP connection, however if there is a power outage, it can convert to a 4G SIM card, continuing to protect your property.

Interested in having a Smartcom?

Absolute Security are the local experts in cloud connected Smartcoms. In fact, we are ranked second in the UK! Get in touch and we’ll be delighted to answer all your questions about Smartcoms.

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