Automatic Gates

Over the years, our customers have chosen automatic gates for a whole host of reasons. For some it gives them convenience to get in and out of their property, for others they want to protect children and pets from busy roads and then there are those looking to deter intruders and make access to their property difficult.

Automatic gates explained
There are a wide range of automatic gates on the market and different systems for you to choose from. These range from remote controlled to touchpad access devices. There have also been a lot of developments in the design of gates in recent years and customers can choose from options that give 100% privacy (ie solid gates) through to more ornamental options. On a health and safety front there have been improvements in the way gates shut, to prevent accidents.

Automatic gates from Absolute Security
We supply and install a whole range of automatic gate brands, including Came, BPT, FAAC and BFT – to name but a few. As part of our service, we will always undertake a survey of your property to find the right solution and will discuss with you your preferences for access activation – be it remote control, intercoms, touchpad (and even calls to your mobile if you are out of the house).

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