Integrating your home security systems

homeOver the past few months we’ve experienced a rise in interest from homeowners keen to integrate CCTV, access, intruder and fire detection systems in their home.  This essentially gives them just one central home protection system to manage.  Also, when systems integrate in this way you gain more precise information about incidents in and around your property.

The systems typically utilise wireless and IP technology to keep cabling and impact on décor to a minimum. Most also provide an app option to enable homeowners to check on their home and possessions whilst they’re away.  In addition to this the systems can provide useful logs of activity to help homeowners check up on who has accessed their property and when (for example cleaning, childcare or delivery people).

In the case of people experiencing anti-social behaviour or neighbour disputes, CCTV and security lighting working in conjunction together has proved to be an effective deterrent.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of integrating different security and fire detection systems in your home, contact the team on 01483 791500.