Our commitment to responsible energy use

The need to protect our planet for future generations has never been more pressing. As an independently run business we’re very aware of the need to help make a difference and have started changing the way we operate to reduce our impact on the environment.

A more environmentally conscious fleet

We’ve started upgrading our fleet of vehicles to make them greener. Nearly all our surveyors now drive plug-in hybrid vehicles and those who don’t will be soon. The survey team make several trips from our office each day – mostly to properties in the local area – and if they’re driving petrol or diesel vehicles, these emissions add up. Our new plug-in hybrid vehicles have a range of up to 50 miles per charge and a visiting radius of 30 miles; they’re helping us slash our emissions.   

Energy efficient vehicles are more challenging for our engineering team who can be on the road all day without access to charging points. This means plug-in hybrids aren’t the best option. Instead, we’re investing in mild hybrid vehicles for our engineering fleet to further reduce our emissions. We currently have two in the fleet and will be bringing more in over time.

Energy aware journey planning

Of course, our choice of vehicles is only part of the story. We also make a concerted effort to plan maintenance visits and callouts with energy efficiency in mind. Each engineer has a tracking device in their van which tells our office co-ordinator where each engineer is. With this knowledge, they can ensure each call-out is attended to by the closest engineer, helping reduce mileage and emissions.

The most environmentally friendly option – don’t travel!

Driving has been an unavoidable part of our business – until recently. New technology means that we are increasingly able to diagnose and, in many cases, rectify system faults remotely. Not only does each remote inspection mean one less journey and fewer emissions, but it also means we can support our customers quickly and with the minimum of disruption. There are also no call-out charges!

Looking to the future

Changing our fleet and reducing our travel time will make an impact, however we know we can do more. Technology is rapidly improving the potential for more environmentally aware choices – take LED bulbs for instance. Five years ago, filament bulbs were still a common feature in security lighting systems. We now only fit LED bulbs. Each LED bulb uses an incredible 75% less power than a filament bulb and can last for 10 years. That’s a huge saving on the energy used to power and produce our lighting systems. It’s also a welcome cost saving for our customers!

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