A great 16 months of security solutions

James Lewis, Business Development Manager at Absolute Security, reflects on an exciting period of innovative customer projects and cutting-edge security solutions from the team.


James Lewis – Absolute Security

As I look back over my first 16 months at Absolute Security, I’m delighted by so many highlights that spring to mind.  For some they’ve involved cutting-edge security innovations – with the team devising solutions to respond to the increasingly sophisticated security challenges our customers face.

Other highlights stem from the relationships I’ve formed with key customers and contacts, and how we add value and support them as their preferred security specialist.

So, whilst in a reflective mode, I thought it would be good to share some of those highlights in this post.


Overhauling the fire and security system at popular racing/event venue

A key project this year is the work we are undergoing, upgrading and improving the fire and security systems at a popular racing event venue.  This is to ensure they comply with the latest regulations.  It has given the venue a far more manageable solution, as well as faster reporting and more precise alerts to potential incidents as they arise.  It will greatly aid their speed of response going forward.


Damage-proof fire suppression for luxury car enthusiast

It was also great to help a customer who wanted a fire suppression system to protect his fleet of luxury cars.  The 31 cars are housed in an underground car park in his home and he wanted a fire suppression system which would extinguish a fire, but not damage the vehicles in any way.  Conventional systems using water or foam were clearly not suitable.  We therefore designed and installed an inert gas suppression system. This uses specific gases to extinguish a fire and, at the same time, leaves the vehicles unscathed.


State of the art security system for sizeable property development

Another highlight is our involvement in an extensive single dwelling property development. Here the home owner wanted a state of the art security system.  Our solution involved high-tech perimeter security, thermal imaging PTZ CCTV, security lighting and integration with their home building management system. This is so intruder detection, fire and access control integrates into the central Audio-Visual hub for the home and is managed from one source.  One safety example of this integration is that when the fire alarm is activated, all media systems throughout property automatically silence to alert the home owner.


Home building management systems become all the rage

In fact we’ve seen a lot of interest amongst home owners for home building management systems.  You can see the attraction for them of bringing elements such as home entertainment systems, phone, access/gate systems, heating/air conditioning as well as security and fire protection into one central control.  And many of these systems enable the home owner to view the status of their property and possessions when they’re away, via app technology.


Discreet fire detection

Another highlight this year was to work with a new manufacturer to Absolute Security.  Wagner, specialise in air sampling solutions – a smoke detection system that works through discreet capillary holes in the ceiling. It assesses the air quality throughout the property, raises the alarm and is room specific on the area of the activation.


Working with great teams

It’s been great to support our customers over the past year – not just with security solutions, but also in finding other ways to support their business.  One particular example of this was participating recently in Park Garages’ Cricket Day. The event brought together all their staff, customers and suppliers for a great day of this summer sport.

And of course it’s been brilliant to work with my not so new now, fellow colleagues at Absolute Security.  Their commitment to quality and care of our customers is impressive.  Care also extends to our role in the local community and environment.  It was really good to see a number of the sales team switching over to electric hybrid cars in 2018.

The time has certainly flown by and I’m now looking forward to my next year with the team. Given how fast security and fire prevention technology evolves, and the need to help customers protect their properties and possessions, I’m sure it’ll be another exciting year.

If you’d like to get in touch about any of the solutions I’ve described here, please contact me on t 01483 791500 or email me.