Security app technologies now supported by NSI

In response to public demand the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) is now throwing its weight behind security app technologies. The NSI is the National Body which inspects firms like Absolute Security, who provide security systems.

The updated standard PD6662 now accommodates customers seeking to use remote devices (such as smart phones) to operate intruder alarms. This means that security systems with app features now come under the NSI’s remit and are legally covered and supported by their members.

Alarm systems utilising app technology will be fitted with a wi-fi link to your broadband router. This will then give you full control of the alarm remotely. You will receive notifications of alarm events and will be able to switch the system off or on remotely. You can also interrogate the memory of the system.

For more information about security systems utilising app technologies, please contact the sales team on tel. 01483 791500 or email