Are you getting the most from your business security system?

Window Film For Small BusinessesMost business owners recognise the need for security in order to protect their staff, stock, equipment and property.  But how many make the most of the latest technologies to enhance their management of the business and its effectiveness?  Here’s a summary of how the latest security systems are helping businesses of all shapes and sizes

Greater precision

Intruder and fire detection have become more precise in pinpointing the exact location of an incident on a premises and issuing alerts.  At the same time, CCTV has embraced high definition, so pictures are now incredibly clear and no longer serve up those fuzzy, grainy images of old.


Many systems now use Wireless technology or the business IP network, which has meant a big reduction in the cabling required.  This has in turn brought down the cost of systems and their installation. It has also improved their discreetness in an office, shop or other business environment – particularly where there is limited space.

App technology

Security systems haven’t been immune to app popularity and many now feature them to enable the business or property owner to dial in remotely to their system to access logs, see what’s going on (in the case of CCTV) and monitor access points around the premises.

Integration for efficiency and aid decision-making

As security technology gets smarter many systems are integrating more with themselves (for example CCTV, intruder detection, fire detection and access control) and also with other applications.  This makes things far more efficient for business owners to monitor. Retailers may also be interested to know that some CCTV systems now offer heat map analysis of footfall and customer behaviour around the shop floor, to help inform decisions about where best to locate special offers and particular product ranges.

More affordable

You would think that a sophistication in technology would mean a rise in costs, but this isn’t generally the case.  In recent years, costs have tended to come down.  Security LED lighting costs in fact have dropped by almost 20%.

With an uncertain economy ahead, business owners can also opt for leasing as a means of spreading the payment of their system over 3, 5 or 7 years.  The system’s annual maintenance costs can be built into the fixed monthly payments too.

With Absolute Security’s leasing arrangements through our partners, Reality Finance, you will own the equipment at the end of the leasing period unlike some other security providers like ADT.  Don’t forget too that an annually maintained security system may reduce your insurance premium and its worth speaking to your insurance provider.


For more information about how to improve the security of your business, contact the team on 01483 791500.


Minimising business disruption from the unexpected – building business resilience

How well equipped is your business to withstand business interrupting events such as fires, floods, network failure, data loss, supply chain failure etc?

This is the question that Boards, Investors, Customers and Insurers are asking more and more frequently. Yet, answering it with any degree of authority can be difficult. Actually becoming a resilient business can be time consuming, expensive and distracting.

This is why we were excited to meet Matt Hodges-Long and Richard Carman from Continuity Partner. They help businesses plan for the unexpected to minimise the disruption and damage it can bring to their organisation, both in the short and long-term.

Continuity Partner recently launched the world’s first fully managed Business Resilience service. This is designed to give business owners the resilience they require for their businesss, at an affordable (fixed) price and without distracting their teams from their day jobs!

In fact the Continuity Partner team have developed the following unique 3 step approach to build Business Resilience in an organisation. They are offering Absolute Security customers a 10% discount on their services.

1. Plan – in depth Risk Analysis, creation of Business Continuity plan and Risk Mitigation activity

2. Monitor – 24/7 monitoring of clients risks (premises, critical suppliers, regulators, reputation) to avoid incidents and react quickly to minimise impact

3. Respond – if the worst were to happen, the Continuity Partner team provide expert 24/7 Crisis Management and Business Recovery support.

We were really impressed with the Continuity Partner team and the service they provide. Business Continuity planning is too often left on the back burner which leaves businesses carrying too much risk.

For further information please contact Continuity Partner directly on 01252 560 331 or visit

Remember to mention Absolute Security to qualify for a 10% discount.