Protecting retail businesses – download our free retail security tips

Over the winter months retail premises often become the target of vandalism and burglary. We thought it was a timely reminder to share our guide with protection tips for owners of retail businesses. The guide formed part of a presentation to the Godalming Retailers’ Forum back in July 2010, but it’s advice is still very current. Download the attachment below.

Retail Security Tips

Home Wireless Intruder Alarm System: Price £499 plus VAT

We believe in providing alarm systems that offer real comprehensive protection, rather than a fairy tale.

With our home wireless intruder alarm system, you get many features for your money and peace of mind that your property is fully protected and a real deterrent to intruders.

Key features include:

  • 1 Control Panel
  • 1 Remote Keypad
  • 1 Wireless door contact
  • 2 Wireless movement detectors
  • 1 Internal sounder
  • 1 External siren/strobe
  • 1 Decoy siren Housing
  • 1 Power supply
  • 1 Standby Battery
  • Installation, Commissioning & Training
  • NSI Certificate of Compliance to PD6662 Grade 2X

All you need to provide is a mains spur.

Easy Payment Plan
Why not spread the cost over a number of instalments? We have an easy payment plan to help.

£150 Deposit with order
£150 Second Instalment on Completion
Followed by 12 monthly payments of £32

These figures include the first year’s maintenance & VAT at 20%

We can also offer you a competitive annual maintenance and servicing contract on your system for £85 per annum (includes VAT at 20%) so it remains in tip top protection condition.

Call Andy or David on tel 01483 791 500 to find out more or to arrange a free survey.

And don’t forget we also offer a wide range of other security measures to protect your home and family.

Wireless burglar alarm app

Impressive advances in wireless technology continue and are resulting in smarter and wireless security systems that integrate more seamlessly with today’s modern lives.

As an example, the new Risco Agility 3 home security system gives home owners the ability to connect to their home’s system either via a smartphone application (app) on their phone or via a PC. This enables them to view inside their property and set or disarm the system wherever they may be.

This moves intruder alarms into the territory of CCTV as Risco Agility 3’s alarm detectors are equipped with integrated cameras able to take snapshots of an event happening in your home. All images taken by the Agility 3 system are saved on the cloud-based RISCO server so homeowners always have a record of events, should they need it.  The system also comes with a range of additional security and safety accessories including:

  • Wireless smoke, gas CO and flood detectors to help keep your home safe and sound
  • Water resistant wristbands and panic buttons for elderly or disabled residents which can alert carers in case of an emergency or lack of movement

For more information about Risco Agility 3 or other wireless security systems contact Andy, Sandra or Melvin on tel. 01483 791500

Free Absolute Security alarm bell box upgrade

If you have one of our old alarm bell boxes on your property with the red Absolute Security writing, please do get in touch with the sales team on 01483 791555.

We’re happy to replace it free of charge for one of our newer outer casings with the Absolute Security logo in blue on it.

Old Scantronic control panels

We have been writing to our customers whose alarm system comprises the old Scantronic control panel.  The manufacturer of this equipment no longer supports this model and should the control equipment fail we will no longer be able to repair it. This could result in a period of time in which the property is unprotected and potentially may, in some circumstances, lead to insurance cover being affected.

To prevent this happening, we have been offering customers the chance to upgrade their Intruder alarm control equipment with a 10% discount on all upgrades.

Upgrading the control equipment is simple and can be done with minimal disruption. It ensures that parts are available should anything go wrong and the new control equipment can offer features that the old Scantronic system does not have such as:

  • Texting service. The panel can send a message to you and inform you if there is a problem or even when the alarm has been turned on or off.
  • Easy to read LCD keypads
  • Multiple user codes.
  • Set the system with a fob rather than a code
  • Wireless detection. Ideal when cabling is difficult
  • Latest software and compliance to current standards

If you are concerned about your Scantronic control panel, please contact our Sales team on tel 01483 791503. They can arrange for an upgrade quotation or a no obligation, free of charge survey to be carried out.

Wireless intruder alarms explained

To Be Wirelessed Or Not Be To Wirelessed?

A lot of our customers have been enquiring about wireless intruder detection systems recently.  Like any relatively new technology, there’s a bit of confusion about what it involves, its benefits and whether it really will suit your property’s structure and layout… or not.

So we thought it might be helpful to try and demystify wireless systems and explain how they differ to the traditional ‘hard wired’ or ‘cabled’ ones.

Intruder alarms – The 3 generic types
Intruder and fire detection systems basically come in 3 forms:
1. Hard wired – the traditional cabled variety
2. Hybrid – a system which combines an element of cabling and wireless technology
3. Wireless- wire or cable free

Demystifying wireless
When it first came out wireless technology in intruder and smoke detection didn’t get a great press and its reliability was often questioned.  It was also, initially, quite expensive to purchase and install.  Over the years its reliability, track-record and affordability has improved dramatically.

Wireless intruder systems are now accredited to the Grade 2 European Standard, stipulated by many insurers.  The Police too are happy for wireless systems with remote monitoring to alert them, such has been the technical advances and progress.  Running off batteries instead of a mains supply, the systems monitor their battery life and alert when it’s low.  They are also intelligent to detect movement, heat and smoke, but at the same time can be pet tolerant (so your cat’s entrance into the house each night through the cat-flap doesn’t set off your alarm).

When to go wireless and when to cable?
If you are unsure whether to opt for a wired or wireless system then we do recommend a survey of your premises and its layout.  Key aspects to consider:

  • Can wires be hidden easily in the current layout?  If not, a wireless option is probably more preferable
  • What grading has your insurance company given your premises and contents?  If it’s Grade 3 then you’ll need a conventional wired system
  • How do you want to operate the system, wireless systems can work off a remote control fob and eliminate the need for codes
  • Does your premises have public access and do you need detectors that can recognise if they’re being masked?  If that’s a yes, then you’ll need a cabled system.

And whilst none of us like to see wires cluttering up our home, there are ways for the traditional cabled systems to have the wiring hidden.

To be wireless or not to be wireless then?  Well it very much depends on your property, its layout, how it was constructed and what type of detection you’re looking to achieve.

Andy or David  here are happy to give you a free survey to suggest the best options for you – be it for intruder or fire detection.  Call them on 01483 791 500 if you’d like to find out more.