Number Plate Recognition gets more affordable

Number Plate Recognition software for CCTV has helped protect many businesses, such as car retailers, petrol pump forecourts and those with specific access control considerations, from unwanted intruders and thefts.

HIK VISION’s LightFighter and DarkFighter products are now offering a more affordable number plate recognition solution. Whilst the cameras deliver clear, detail-rich images in daylight and/or night-time lighting conditions, the system can also be programmed to issue alerts about known vehicles. This can be used for both blacklisting and whitelisting purposes by an organisation.

For example

  • A petrol forecourt system can stop a pump serving a known vehicle whose owner repeatedly drives off without paying
  • An automatic gate to an organisation’s site can be programmed to open straight away for senior staff’s cars or VIP vehicles
  • Alerts can be given if a vehicle, which has been previously acting suspiciously, accesses the site again.

If you would like to learn more about HIKVISION’s LightFighter and DarkFighter products for your organisation, please contact the Sales Team at Absolute Security on tel. 01483 791500 or email

Season’s Greetings and festive opening hours

With Christmas around the corner we’d like to wish all our customers and contacts a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Festive opening hours
Over the festive holidays our offices will be shut from lunchtime on 24 December till 8.30am on 29 December. We will then close at 4pm on 31 December and reopen at 8.30am on 4 January.

Out of hours emergencies
During the festive period we will, of course, maintain our full emergency call out facility with our telephones permanently manned and duty engineers always available. For out of hour emergencies over the festive season please call our 24/7 telephone line: 01483 791 515.

Did you know?

As Absolute Security moves into its next quarter of a century, we thought it would be fun to reflect on some of the great security developments of late and the benefits they’re bringing to homeowners, business owners and the public sector. Did you know that: You can view your home/business when you’re away via a […]

Rural Property Crime Prevention

Recently we have heard of a number of cases where rural properties have been specifically targeted by thieves. Often the isolation of these homes and businesses gives added appeal to potential intruders.

It is therefore important to put robust security measures in place to protect your equipment, stock and possessions.

Here is a checklist of simple tips we have devised.

  • Invest in good security lighting around your property. Past research has found that a majority of rural crime takes place in the dark.
  • Leave lights on in the property (ideally on timers) when you are not there and make sure, from the outside, it looks as if the property is occupied.
  • Do not forget outbuildings, sheds and garages when it comes to your CCTV or intruder alarm system. Many can be incorporated into the system, especially those utilising wireless technologies.
  • If you are away a lot, consider adding remote monitoring to your security system. This will help to ensure any alert is dealt with promptly.
  • Ensure all windows and doors are properly locked.
  • Consider investing in automatic gates and check the boundary/fencing of your property is as secure as it could be. Use defensive (prickly) plants and bushes to help strengthen your perimeter and make it off-putting to an intruder.

For more security tips and advice for rural properties, contact the sales team on tel. 01483 791500 or email

Do also check out the latest rural crime prevention advice from Surrey Police

Security app technologies now supported by NSI

In response to public demand the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) is now throwing its weight behind security app technologies. The NSI is the National Body which inspects firms like Absolute Security, who provide security systems.

The updated standard PD6662 now accommodates customers seeking to use remote devices (such as smart phones) to operate intruder alarms. This means that security systems with app features now come under the NSI’s remit and are legally covered and supported by their members.

Alarm systems utilising app technology will be fitted with a wi-fi link to your broadband router. This will then give you full control of the alarm remotely. You will receive notifications of alarm events and will be able to switch the system off or on remotely. You can also interrogate the memory of the system.

For more information about security systems utilising app technologies, please contact the sales team on tel. 01483 791500 or email

Minimising business disruption from the unexpected – building business resilience

How well equipped is your business to withstand business interrupting events such as fires, floods, network failure, data loss, supply chain failure etc?

This is the question that Boards, Investors, Customers and Insurers are asking more and more frequently. Yet, answering it with any degree of authority can be difficult. Actually becoming a resilient business can be time consuming, expensive and distracting.

This is why we were excited to meet Matt Hodges-Long and Richard Carman from Continuity Partner. They help businesses plan for the unexpected to minimise the disruption and damage it can bring to their organisation, both in the short and long-term.

Continuity Partner recently launched the world’s first fully managed Business Resilience service. This is designed to give business owners the resilience they require for their businesss, at an affordable (fixed) price and without distracting their teams from their day jobs!

In fact the Continuity Partner team have developed the following unique 3 step approach to build Business Resilience in an organisation. They are offering Absolute Security customers a 10% discount on their services.

1. Plan – in depth Risk Analysis, creation of Business Continuity plan and Risk Mitigation activity

2. Monitor – 24/7 monitoring of clients risks (premises, critical suppliers, regulators, reputation) to avoid incidents and react quickly to minimise impact

3. Respond – if the worst were to happen, the Continuity Partner team provide expert 24/7 Crisis Management and Business Recovery support.

We were really impressed with the Continuity Partner team and the service they provide. Business Continuity planning is too often left on the back burner which leaves businesses carrying too much risk.

For further information please contact Continuity Partner directly on 01252 560 331 or visit

Remember to mention Absolute Security to qualify for a 10% discount.

What are you leaving on show?

Following a number of homes we have surveyed recently, we want to emphasise the importance of not leaving keys and security systems fobs on show through a property’s windows and doors. This greatly aids any intruder who is scouting around for properties to burgle and cars to steal.

Over the years we have come across many a case of thieves breaking in and then stealing the owners’ cars or quickly disabling the burglar alarm to make their thefts more easy.

Ideally, keep all keys and alarm fobs out of view and certainly away from the entry points to your property. A safe is good or a cupboard well away from doors and window.

For more information and advice contact our sales team on tel. 01483 791500

Sharing security insight and knowledge for crime prevention

We were delighted to welcome a team of Surrey Crime Prevention Design Advisers to our offices recently. The event’s purpose was to share insight and knowledge. On our part, we were able to bring the team up to date in the latest security system technologies and techniques. The Crime Prevention Design Advisers also updated us on current crime trends and legal issues.

For example, from May this year, CCTV systems in residential properties (whose cameras take in views beyond that property’s boundary) now fall under Data Protection legislation. The impact of this being that the system’s owners will need to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office and suitable signage communicating the CCTV’s presence will have to be erected on the property.
For more information contact the Surrey Crime Prevention Design Advisers.

Summer holiday protection tips for your home

It’s great that the summer is in full swing (well the sun was shining when we wrote this). Many people have already jetted off whilst others are looking forward to a holiday away and some much needed rest and relaxation.

To ensure your property remains safe whilst you are away, it’s important to undertake some simple security measures before you go. Properties which are obviously vacant for a number of days can catch the eye of burglars.

So here is a reminder of our summer holiday tips to help you keep things at home safe and secure:

1. Hide or lock away any visible valuables – go outside your premises, see what’s on view through the windows and then remove anything that may tempt an intruder. Consider investing in a safe to keep your valuables (including those of a sentimental value) protected.

2. Avoid a build-up of post if you’re going to be away for some time. Ask a friend or neighbour to pop in and clear this. If you are due to have anything delivered whilst your away arrange for someone to collect it or even cancel it before you go.

3. If possible, leave a car in the drive and invest in timer switches for lights, which give the impression you are in when you’re out.

4. Lock all side gates and switch your alarm on. Burglars love properties with easy exit routes. For added protection, why not get automatic gates or consider the tips we gave last month about defensive plants?

5. Consider CCTV – not only is it a great deterrent, new advances in technology mean you can view your home remotely over a secure web connection (even on your mobile phone) and check things are as they should be.

For more security tips or advice on how to protect your property whilst you’re away, contact our team on tel. 01483 791500.

Absolute Security welcomes Surrey Police’s new Crime Prevention Design Adviser

Absolute Security were delighted to continue their support of Surrey Police’s Crime Reduction team by sponsoring a new car for the newly appointed Crime Prevention Design Advisor for the Western Division, Mike Jones.

On 7 July Sandy Busek – Managing Director of Absolute Security – handed over the keys to Mike. Mike’s role includes advising on CCTV systems to deter and detect crime, working with architects and planners to ‘design out’ crime at an early stage, and giving crime reduction advice to both local residents and businesses.

“With budgetary pressures in the public sector likely to intensify, we felt it was important to continue supporting Surrey Police’s crime reduction team’s great work” said Sandy Busek. “Over the years we’ve been proud to help Surrey maintain its status as one of the safest counties in the UK. By working with various agencies such as the Police we’ve been able to help business and home owners protect their properties from theft, fire and vandalism”.

He added “Mike has a sizeable patch to cover and will be doing essential work in guiding people on how to deter and prevent crime. We believe that he should have the right resources to help local residents and businesses combat ever-more sophisticated criminal activity”.

The picture shows Mike Jones being presented his car by Sandy Busek (Managing Director) of Absolute Security.