Properties and Contents Protection

Many of us hate the thought of our property and its contents pillaged by burglars. Often the things we struggle hard to replace are those with sentimental value.

At Absolute Security we specialise in a wide variety of security systems to cover every size, layout and age of property. We also keep up with the latest developments to deter the ever-sophisticated burglar and often liaise with the Police to track changing criminal practices and trends. For us it’s important that your home presents an intruder zero incentive to break in.

Security systems to deter burglars
Through our work we also advise customers how to make their homes a major obstacle course for intruders, creating layer upon layer of challenges for intruders to overcome. The harder it is, the more put off they’ll be.

So whether it’s finding the right…

  • automatic gates for protection and privacy
  • security lighting to act as a visual deterrent
  • CCTV to monitor unusual and antisocial behaviour
  • locks to prevent access
  • safes to keep valuables added protection, or
  • intruder alarms to alert everyone of an intruder’s presence

…we ensure that obstacle course is tough and off-putting.

Burglary prevention advice and tips
In our free surveys we thoroughly assess a property’s security ‘weak spots’. Our resulting advice and recommended systems also help homeowners comply with their home insurance policies and minimise the risk of a claim being invalidated.

What to expect from Absolute Security Systems

  • Wireless or cabled security systems which respect the aesthetics of your home
  • Expertise in security for all types of property from contemporary and new homes to heritage and listed buildings
  • Security system integration – linking different systems such as automatic gates, CCTV and intruder alarms to help you manage them more easily.
  • Apps for your security system – so you can receive alerts and check on your home and incidents when you’re away.
  • Remote monitoring and, if required, the option to alert the police
  • Standard or local rate phone line usage for remotely monitored systems (and testing)
  • True choice – we aren’t tied to particular manufacturers so are free to find the best security solution for you
  • Fixed period instalment payment options which also let you fully own the system with the final payment
  • Affordable maintenance and support packages
  • Surveyors and engineers trained to the highest industry standards and accreditation with the leading security professional bodies
  • A friendly UK-based team
  • A 4 hours maximum 24/7 response time arrival to site for technical faults

Burglary prevention solutions
Take a look at the various security solutions below where we can help to defend your property against an intruder. Alternatively give us a call on 01483 791500 or contact us for an initial chat and free survey.