Protecting Homes against Fire

In our minds, the key to protecting your family against fire is finding the right fire alarm system for your home. That means ensuring that whenever and wherever a fire breaks out in your property, it is quickly detected and your fire alarm can heard by your family – wherever they are in the building.

In the case of a fire we, probably like you, want to give your family the fastest opportunity to vacate the property.

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That’s why, when we advise customers on fire detection systems, we look closely at the obstacles that could block their escape route. We also give tips on how to be prepared and save valuable time by say, planning in advance your family’s escape plan or not having locked doors or windows whose keys are elsewhere in the building.

Experience and reassurance

We are highly experienced in creating fire detection solutions for all types and ages of property from listed buildings to new builds.  We are also accredited with the leading professional bodies for the fire prevention and security industry – BAFE and NSI. This means we always adopt the latest best practices in our work.

When it comes to the selection of a home fire alarm system for you, we are not tied to any one manufacturer. This means we are free to find the right system for your home and its unique features and escape routes.

Fire prevention measures

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