Protecting Your Premises

For many corporate enterprises the prospect of a major break-in, theft or fire brings to mind major disruption to business operations and a potentially serious loss of revenue.

Security measures can bring peace of mind, both in terms of deterring intruders and ensuring that you comply with your business insurance policies (so they too give you support and help when you need it). Your security systems can also give reassurance to your staff, often your greatest asset, and help to safeguard your corporate reputation.

Tips for protecting all your business premises

The key to protecting your business property and its contents, is to get the right level of security for each premises and its nuances. If, for example, you take a floor in a major office development, this means ensuring the existing security systems offer appropriate protection for your specific business operations. If you’re starting from scratch, we suggest undertaking a risk analysis and can help you with this. Essentially this will assess, if one of your premises experienced a major break in or arson attack, how quickly it would take for your business to get back up and running. This analysis will point to the weak spots in your safety and security policies and give you the chance to put the right systems and procedures in place.

A helping hand

We have helped many corporate enterprises gain the right level of security to protect their business. In some cases this has even involved saving them money by integrating a number of systems in one! In each case, we’ve assessed the various risks the business faces both in its work, its location, its business procedures and premises nuances. Take a look in the box below at some of the various means we have to protect your business. Remember we are not wedded to any specific manufacturer and so make it our priority to find the right solution for your needs.

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