SME High Security Measures

High Security Measures

For some public sector organisations the nature of what they do carries a degree of sensitivity or secrecy. For this reason they require higher security measures to protect their premises, staff and equipment.

High security measures explained

Depending on the nature of your operations and the layout and structure of your premises, a wide range of protective measures can be used. These invariably bring together a range of different security technologies – CCTV, access control (such as iris recognition), intruder alarms, entry systems, automatic barriers and gates to name but a few.

High security measures and Absolute Security

We have helped a number of organisations create a high security environment to protect their operations and people. In helping such clients, we spend time to identify the weak spots in their premises and systems which will require tight security measures. For some that means protecting against intruders, acts of terrorism or sabotage. For others, they need to limit staff access to certain areas of the premises for either security or health and safety issues. Whatever the requirement and degree of protection required, we seek to find the right solution for each individual business. Our clients are reassured that we have gained the highest industry standard for high security measures, in that we are NSI NACOSS Gold approved advisers and installers

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